The branayama Fast-Dry Technology

Our exclusive built in two-layer technology is milk absorbent, moisture wicking, quick dry and antimicrobial.  


The Fast-Dry Technology in 4 steps

The innovative leakproof branayama technology that can replace nursing pads


The milk absorbing branayama technology for the stylish and sustainable branayama nursing bra


Our Two-Layer System 

Layer 1: super soft silk that takes away  the humidity from the breasts so     your skin feels dry.

Layer 2 : micromodal equipped with a special vaporizing and fast-dry coating: This layer absorbs the milk, quickly distributes the liquid over the surface and evaporates the moisture. 

You Wear, We Care

We carefully selected our fabrics. They are 100% breathable, so no unpleasant smells can develop. And our Peace Silk has cooling properties and is antimicrobial, thus protecting mother and baby.

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Side view of the sylish and sustainable branayama nursing bra that can replace nursing pads


Maximizing Life Cycle = Sustainability 

We believe that consuming less and investing on high quality pieces is the path forward in sustainable and responsible fashion. 
Therefore we use soft stretchable fabrics that adapt to the changing body during pregnancy and breastfeeding. And by adding a back closure with five different adjustment options (most bras have only three hooks) the branayama nursing bra will continue to fit most women through the different stages of motherhood.

Interested in learning more about slow fashion, responsible production and our commitments to a better, cleaner world?

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back view of the sylish and sustainable branayama nursing bra that can replace nursing pads


Wash & Care

Our bras are machine washable, but be gentle: place your branayama bra in a laundry bag, wash at 30°and avoid softeners. Always hang to dry. 


Unique Milk Flow

Since every milk flow is very unique and constantly adapts to the baby’s needs, we have developed a backup solution for those “fuller days”: a small pocket between the two layers to insert a washable pad, in case you really really really need it. We’ve got you covered, and we mean it!  


What Midwives Say

"As a midwife, I look for a good fit and breast support in a breastfeeding bra. Branayama unites all of these features along with milk-absorbing and antibacterial properties of its materials - a great combination for moms with a strong milk flow or sore nipples. An elevated product from sustainable sources!" Amelie Suehrmann, midwife