Where it all began

“Tired and exhausted of wet milk stains on my shirt, I struggled to find the right nursing bra after the birth of my daughter. I searched for a bra that would make me feel comfortable as well as beautiful and empowered.

All I could find were mostly nursing bras from the fast fashion industry, orthopedic designs and a system (nursing bra + pads) that was super impractical and also produced an enormous amount of waste. Feeling shocked about the fact that there had been so little improvement in decades, I knew there had to be a change. 

branayama is here to make breastfeeding easier for all nursing women and first and foremost to give them the feeling they deserve.”

Stefanie Raffelsieper - founder


Stefanie Raffelsieper the founder of the stylish, sustainable fair nursing bra that can replace nursing pads


Our Mission: Motherhood, Elevated

The branayama bra has been created over the course of almost 2 years. After intense research, sourcing for responsible materials and, most importantly, the feedback of many mothers and midwives, we were able to successfully combine an elevated design to advanced technology (anti-leak system), developing a wireless nursing bra that can replace nursing pads!

We believe that it is always possible to always improve and do better. But mainly, we believe that women should not have to compromise when they become mothers, or ever. They deserve to be celebrated and they deserve to stand in their beauty and power - always. 


Maria Ziemann in a stylish and sustainable nursing bra without nursing pads