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How is the branayama bra different from other nursing bras?

The branayama bra is a soft bra without wires, equipped with a special, milk absorbent and fast drying technology that can replace nursing pads. Yet, it is stylish and sustainable.


How does the branayama technology work?

The heart of the innovative branayama technology is a two-layer fabric system with four key qualities: it’s milk absorbent, moisture wicking, fast drying and anti-microbial. The first layer consists of super soft Peace Silk with anti-microbial characteristics which takes away the humidity from the breasts so your skin feels dry. The second layer is made of micro modal equipped with a special vaporizing and fast dry coating. This layer absorbs the mother milk, quickly distributes the liquid over the surface and evaporates the moisture.


How does the branayama bra save me from having wet milk stains?

The branayama layer system within the cups quickly absorbs and distributes the milk on the inside of the cups, while the liquid evaporates rapidly over the textile’s inner surface. This process ensures that the cups are drying super fast. At the same time, the fabric on the outside works as a barrier to leaking mothermilk due to its liquid repellent characteristics, preventing wet milk stains outside of the bra and thus on your shirt.


how many conventional one-way nursing pads does the branayama bra replace?

this depends on your milkflow, testing subjects could replace 2 in 12 hours. Because every milk flow is unique, we even added a little pocket in between the layers, in case you really really need a pad for added backup.


What positive effect does the branayama bra have on my nipples?

We know how challenging sore nipples can be. This is why we chose our soft peace silk that comes with antimicrobial characteristicas and has a natural cooling effects on your nipples and breasts.


Does the branayama bra feel wet on my boobies?

No. The materials are milk absorbent, moisture wicking and fast drying. Plus, they are all temperature regulating so your skin feels dry.


How does the branayama bra prevent bad odor?

Silk consists of natural protein fibers and therefore it is a natural odor repellent stopper.


Why doesn't the branayama bra have wires?

Underwire bras can block milk ducts and can risk mastitis. This is why we chose do make a soft bra without wires.


How thick are the cups?

We've been very careful to keep the cups as thin as possible and reached this by a 3mm profile. You won't even realize that this is a nursing bra with integrated pad functions.


Do I need extra nursing pads?

Since the milk flow can be different every day depending on your baby’s needs, this is very individual. We tested the branayama bra with many different women in every stage of nursing. The branayama bra carried 90% of the women through the day, for the remaining 10% we integrated the possibility to add an extra pad. To protect you from awkward moments you can easily slide a nursing pad in the pocket integrated in the cup layers. This way, in case you really need some backup, your nursing pad is safe and wont fall out or bunches inside your bra.


How do I know when I have to change my branayama bra?

Even the best materials have their maximum capacity. Whenever you feel uncomfortable or humid, it's time to change.


Can I wear the branayama bra during my pregnancy?

Yes, of course. Because of the adaptability of our fabrics, our bras are perfect for pregnancy, nursing and weaning. And we know breast can go up quite a lot in size during pregnancy. That’s why we recommend buying your branayama bra from week 30 on. That is most likely the size you will wear after giving birth.


Can I still wear the branayama bra after weaning?

Sure, and we would love you to do so! You will probably want to wear it forever!