We strongly recommend investing a little time to find the perfect bra size

Did you know bra sizes can change around seven times in a lifetime? And that the size of the breasts fluctuate constantly during pregnancy, birth and postpartum? 

We understand how one can feel a bit overwhelmed with the whole situation.

But we decided it was time to demystify this rather boring task of finding the right size and created a fun and easy step-by-step video on how to measure yourself for the perfect fit. 



branayama Size Guide


Step 1

Wear a normal bra - no push up, no tighter, not padded – on the loosest hock.
Stand in front of a mirror with your feet parallel to the floor.


Step 2 - The Underband

Take a deep breath in and out.
Measure your body underneath your breasts, right below your bust at the front and shoulder blades at the back. Keep the tape parallel to the floor.

Try not to pull too tightly, the tapeline should sit snug around your chest.
Write down your result.


Step 3 - The Bust

Wrap the tapeline around the fullest part of your bust, usually that’s over your nipple (very often one breast is fuller than the other, that’s totally normal, we are humans. Measure the fuller breast).


Step 4 - Rounding up/down your results

Round the measurement up to the nearest whole number. For example, if you measure 95,7cm, round up to 96 cm (37,6’’ round up to 38’’).


No returns, no waste

Besides, ordering the right size helps us to reduce returns and exchanges, which in return reduces our carbon footprint. So, let’s make you feel amazing and at the same time leave a clean planet for our kids. Deal?